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A message from our Membership Chairman:

Dear Fellow Physician Pilot:


Greetings to you and your family! As a fellow physician and aviation lover, I would like to invite you to consider a wonderful gift to yourself and your family this year: membership in a fun family-friendly organization, the Flying Physicians Association (FPA).


Your FPA membership brings with it many rewards, including the opportunity to meet new folks, network across the country, travel to unusual interesting locales, and enjoy some great learning experiences. During our typical meetings throughout each year, we swap stories (some even true!) about our wings, times aloft, and our passion for aviation in general, learn about medical advancements in areas we’ve not even thought about since medical school, visit areas of our country via “the road less travelled,” make great new friends from seemingly everywhere, and help others in need. Activities at each meeting abound not only for you, but for your spouse and children.


FPA active membership is open to any MD, DO, or Medical Student who holds (or ever held) a pilot certificate, be it student or better, military or civilian. Members do NOT need to own an aircraft to belong, nor do they even have to be currently flying: once a pilot, always a pilot… Also, associate membership is open to any physician or medical student who has an active interest in aviation, but is not a pilot. Membership discounts are available for fellows, residents, medical students, retired, and military members. In addition, as a new member, you will get a significant discount on the first meeting you sign up for!


There are regional Chapters around the country, and each usually holds a spring and/or fall meeting at an interesting destination. In addition, the annual National meeting is held in a different venue every summer


If you have never been a part of the FPA, this is your year! If you were a member in the past, we’d love to see you back! Join today at our by filling out an application here. You can check us out on Facebook as well from the website. Feel free to email me, or our executive administrator Carrie Steffen at with any questions.

We will never sell or distribute your information to third parties. However, note that all members will have access to any information you provide in your profile.


All the best,


Gareth Eberle, MD

Membership Chair, FPA



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