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About FPA...


FPA members are physician-pilots promoting safety, education and human interest projects relating to medicine and aviation.                     

FPA organizes regional chapter meetings and an annual national meeting offering a unique combination of continuing medical education (CME), presentations by world-class aviation figures, and varied charitable and recreational opportunities.

As physicians, with knowledge in the effects of Flying (physical, mental and emotional), we strive to increase safety and to preserve health by providing basic information through example and teaching to the medical profession, to aircrews and to the public at large, influencing members of the medical profession to fly and to develop expertise in the effects of Flying which will result in better utilization of aircraft for emergency services, better cooperation with state and federal aviation agencies, better qualified aviation medical examiners and more significant research.


On June 5, 1955, during the American Medical Association's yearly convention, the first regular business meeting of the association was held. Dr. H. D. Vickers was elected the group's first President. The association was incorporated under the laws of New York State as a not-for-profit scientific and educational society in October, 1955. At the end of its first year the association had 795 members. 

Today the association's membership is comprised of physician pilots across the United States, as well as a number of other countries.

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